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We are highly compassionate and professional in dealing with dental health.

Our specialist has 25 years of experience in dentistry.

Welcome to Our Practice

The Endodontic Practice uses the most modern and effective equipment, instruments, techniques and materials.

Operating microscope – Every case is treated under the operating microscope to better visualise and illuminate complex root canal system. This ensures minimal loss of teeth and complete identification and treatment of the root system.

Single use Nickel titanium files – As one of the first Endodontist in New Zealand to teach and train dentist on single use files, we take pride in leading by example. At The Endodontic Practice brand new sterile files are used for each patient and never reused.

Digital radiography – The advances with digital radiographs allows us to achieve high quality radiographs (X-Rays) without the use of excessive radiation.

Cone beam CT-Scanners – In certain cases a 3D image of the teeth and surrounding structure may be required to better assess unusual or difficult cases. At the Endodontic Practice we have access to the state of the art Cone Beam CT Scanner when the need arises.

Dental dam isolation – As a young dental student, one of my professors (my guru, my mentor, my idol – Professor Nicholas Chandler) said “if you can’t put a dental dam on for root filling, don’t do it. Give it someone else who can. No exceptions!”. A dental dam is used to keep water and other materials that we use from settling at the back of your throat. It also keeps the saliva that is full of bacteria from getting into the cleaned root canals. The patients can swallow and some crafty patients can even have a conversation. Luckily we speak dental dam.